Intimate Landscapes and Landscape Photography

Niklas Nikitin

Intimate landscape image, copyright Niklas Nikitin

My landscape photography

For me landscape photography is not only to photograph beautiful images, it is also a possibility to find peace and tranquility, to get quality in life. I often return to the same place instead of hunting for new exacting places. By returning to the same places I have the opportunity to photograph the same location in different weather and seasons. Also returning to the same place, I do not have a time pressure as compared to always finding new exacting locations, instead I can focus to get the best images possible.

My most exciting pictures are often taken at the breaking point between two seasons, or with changing weather. My favorite weather is just after rain, when the colors are saturated and the sky is dramatic and moody. My favorite season is autumn, especially mornings with fog. The autumn will also give the possibility for momijigari, to capture the beautiful autumn colors.

Why intimate landscape photography?

Even if I enjoy photographing the grand landscape and capture the beauty of a large scene, I prefer the intimate landscape. To focuses on small, unique parts of the landscape and extracts from the overall scene. For me intimate landscape is finding interesting color, form, structure and light. I tend to zoom in and have a tight, immaculate composition for my intimate landscapes, and the horizon and sky is usually missing.

My intimate landscape photography is often done in the woodland. It is a big challenge to find an image in the chaos of trees and branches, to see the subtle and to photograph the abstract. In my intimate landscapes I simplify the composition, to bring order in the chaos. If I am lucky, I also have some fog to help me simplify the images as it makes the background less prominent, and make my main subject to stand out.

Locations for my intimate landscapes are places that photographers rarely take the time to stop and photograph, places that are insignificant. This is the places that you have for yourself. It is possible to create interesting intimate landscapes from fern, rocks, or a windswept tree, it is to challenge your mind, open your eyes to find a subject for intimate landscapes.

The wilderness is the mother of all living things. It is always true and never trivial.
Hans Strand

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