Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

The fine art prints are of the highest quality. The paper is the Hahnemühle Photo Photo Rag® Baryta or Hahnemühle Photo Photo Silk Baryta (depending on your choice of photography). All fine art print have an archival quality with a long lifetime without fading. To achieve the highest possible quality, I use Grandimage as my printing service.

A picture on paper is a real picture.
Patrik Larsson

All fine art prints are hand-signed and numbered with a pencil on the white border. Please let me know if you have any request regarding the signing. The fine art print comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, an information sheet giving a background to how the image was captured and a handwritten thank you card.

Depending of the size of the print it will be skipped in different packaging (e.g., a box or a tube). All prints are carefully protected before being placed in their respective packaging. The prints are always sent by registered mail, the price for shipping is not included.

All fine art prints are in limited editions. The edition are:

All prints have a 30mm (approx. 1,18in) white border.

The photographs usually have a aspect ratio of 4:3, 1:1 or 6:17. Depending on the aspect ratio of the photo, the image may not cover the entire paper. This is because the paper's aspect ratio does not always match that of the photograph.

The photographs in the limited edition may appear in other media, such as books and slide shows.

If you are interested to acquire a print, please contact me.